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Workplace Bullies

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Posted by Christopher Allen

It is no surprise that people who are bullied at work feel inclined to quit, but it turns out that the people around them (the ones who aren’t the targets) want to quit more, according to a study in the journal Human Relations.  In fact, the researchers suggest that work colleagues may be so incensed that they are moved to quit as a way to retaliate. Wouldn’t it be better to approach your line manager, union representative or even the boss to report work-place bullying?

Whether you are in work or at school, the bully preys on the weak and vulnerable.  Bullies do not bully the confident or those who fight back.  Learning coping strategies and gaining self confidence can be best accomplished by learning martial arts.  This is because martial art training doesn’t rely on being part of a team or living up to others expectations, its about self improvement and through it, self confidence.  Contact us today on 01442 768057 or see our website for more information on how we can help you to overcome work-place bullies!

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Knife Crime- What would you do?

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Say no to knife crime!In 2007 a survey was carried out in the UK by Say no 2 Knifes (an organisation dedicated to protect children and teenagers from knife crime), 5300 pupils were asked about knife crime, and the results were shocking:

-28% of students said they had carried a knife in school in the last year.

– 9% of students said they carried a flick knife, which is illegal.

– 15% of students said they feel unsafe in their own school.

– Approximately every 24 minutes, knife crime happens in the UK.

 Say no 2 Knifes works closely with the police force in order to provide these shocking figures. With knife crime showing no sign of decreasing, what can be done to prevent this problem? It is evident that knife crime is a major issue in schools. This puts many students at risk every day.  Therefore, it must be treated with severity, and cannot be overlooked. If you witness knife crime in or out of school:

1. Call the police.

2. Do not attempt to get involved; one victim is better than two.

3. Make sure it is reported as soon as possible.

If harsher punishments are put in place for those found carrying an illegal knife or blade, this problem could slowly decrease. This cannot be done by one person alone. Say yes to helping, say no to knife crime.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Monday, May 28th, 2012


Anti-social behaviour includes abusive or noisy neighbours, littering and graffiti. It can leave you feeling intimidated, angry and frightened. Your council and the police can help. Find out what can be done and what you can do to stop it.


What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour includes things such as:

  • rowdy, noisy behaviour in otherwise quiet neighbourhoods
  • night time noise from houses or gardens, especially between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am
  • threatening, drunken or ‘yobbish’ behaviour
  • vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • dealing or buying drugs on the street
  • litter and fly-tipping rubbish
  • aggressive begging
  • drinking in the street
  • setting off fireworks late at night
  • abandoning cars on the street

Anti-social behaviour doesn’t just make life unpleasant. It can ruin lives and make whole areas feel unsafe.


If you encounter it, report it

If anti-social behaviour is a problem in your area, there’s a lot you can do to help put a stop to it.

You can:

  • talk to your neighbours to find out if they’re affected as well
  • if you feel comfortable doing so talk to the person causing the problem; they may not realise how it is affecting you
  • report the problem to your local council’s anti-social behaviour coordinator
  • call your police force’s non-emergency number
  • tell your landlord or residents’ association about the situation
  • contact your local neighbourhood policing team, or attend one of their regular meetings

If the situation is an emergency (if someone’s life or health is threatened) call 999.

No matter how you report anti-social behaviour, all complaints are treated as confidential. So you don’t have to worry about your identity being revealed.

The council and police both need evidence of what’s happened to you, so keep a note of problems. They should not ask you to do this indefinitely.

Once you have reported the problem, you should be kept informed of progress in your case.


Anti Social Behaviour can lead to physical confrontations.  Never be drawn into taking the law into your own hands, always contact the police.

Tring Martial Arts – helping to keep you safe in our community 

The Suzy Lamplurgh Trust

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Any worried parent should check out this website. It is full of useful tips and information to give your child about keeping themselves safe whilst they’re out and about. Here below is an example of what the site offers; these are some simple ways to get ‘Street Safety’ messages across to young people.


This helpful acronym can help young children to think about personal safety and remember these important safety messages.

P – Prepare – before you go out think for a little bit about where you’re going and how you will get there and back. Tell someone where you’re going and who with before you leave.

L – Look confident – Walk tall and hold your head up. If you look confident, other people are less likely to trouble you. Pay attention to what’s going on around you so that you can see if there is any trouble about and what the best way is to avoid it.

A – Avoid danger – Keep to well lit streets and places where there are lots of people. Don’t take any shortcuts down alleyways or across fields.

N – Never think ‘I’m just being silly’ – If anyone ever does anything to make you feel unsafe, no matter who it is, walk away and tell an adult what has happened.

We can help build your child’s confidence and help them deal with a difficult situation by teaching them good self-defense moves. Visit or call us on 0845 0948805 for more information.

Shocking Statistics

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Young people can often be complacent about their risks. In order for young people to lead confident, safe lives, it is important that they are aware of the risks that they may face. Statistics can be an effective way of challenging young people’s preconceptions about crime and their specific risk of becoming a victim.

Statistics from the British Crime Survey 2005:

        10-15% of crimes involve violence against people.

        2/3 of crime towards us are committed by someone we know.

        Across all age ranges, men are twice as likely to be a victim of violent crime than females.

        23% of all violent crime victims are under 23.

        2% of all violent crime victims were over 65.

        In half of all street robberies, a mobile phone is taken.

        14-17 year olds are the most at risk of street crime.

Come and join us at Tring Martial Arts and learn how to defend yourself against any eventuality. Whether you are young or older, we have a class to suit you. Please visit our website, or call us on 0845 0948805 to find out more.

Safety Tips – FOR MEN

Monday, March 5th, 2012

FACT: Men are twice as likely than women to be a victim of a violent attack.

– Think about where you are going and how to get there. Plan your route to avoid deserted streets and dark parks or alleyways.

– Avoid wearing headphones or chatting on your mobile when walking down the street alone, as this will prevent you from hearing any danger warning signals.

– Carry a personal attack alarm. They are not just for women. Use it to shock and disorientate an attacker. This will gain vital seconds for you to get away.

– If you hear or see trouble ahead, then cut off or turn around before you get to it and head to the nearest safe place, such as a garage, police station or anywhere where there will be lots of people.

– Remember, alcohol severely affects your ability to make safe judgements. The majority of violent attacks on young men take place in or around licensed premises.

– Think about how much you drink and the type of places you go drinking.

– Plan your journey home before your first drink rather than after your tenth.

– If you are trapped in an aggressive situation, then try and stay calm and talk your way out of it. Physical self-defence should only be a last resort. It limits your options and commits you to a fight you could lose. It is not weak to walk away from violence.

– Avoid an aggressive stance: crossed arms, hands on hips or a raised arm is challenging and confrontational. Avoid looking down on anyone or touching someone unnecessarily.

– Avoid using unlit or isolated cash machines.

– Keep fit. Good posture, stamina, strength and tension control can all aid personal safety.

– Be aware how you come across when you’ve been drinking. Ask your mates. Sometimes people can inadvertently attract trouble by the way they behave when they are drunk.

– If you have a friend whose behaviour or attitude (drunk or sober) attracts trouble, pick a good time and have a word with them. Make it clear that you are not going to be dragged into violence because of their stupidity.

– If someone is becoming agitated or aggressive, don’t crowd them. Invading someone’s personal space will only make them more uptight and defensive and therefore more likely to become violent.

– If you see someone else being attacked, it is not always the best idea to rush over to help as this could escalate the problem and you too could end up being attacked. It may be better to stand back at a safe distance and call loudly for help and use your mobile to phone the police. Seeing what you are doing should stop the attacker, whilst leaving you safe.

– Report any incident as soon as possible. You may save someone else.

– Never assume it won’t happen to you. Nobody is invincible. Even though the risks are slight, they are there – so think about your personal safety and don’t become another victim.

 Come and try out one of our Krav Maga classes to help prepare you for any eventuality. Visit our website, or call us on 0845 0948805 for more information.

Tech No Chances – National Personal Safety Day 2012

Monday, March 5th, 2012

National Personal Safety Day is coming up this year on the 8th of October. It is an annual event aimed at raising awareness of the simple, practical solutions that everyone can use to help avoid violence and aggression in today’s society. It’s all about helping people live safer, more confident lives. This year, NPSD is called ‘Tech No Chances’. Technology is a wonderful thing that few of us could see ourselves living without. When it comes to personal safety it can be of a great benefit: a teenager can text their parent to collect them when they are stranded; a pensioner can phone a friend if they have a problem and it makes staying in touch with our friends and family much easier. However, there can be risks associated with technology so this campaign will highlight some practical, common sense precautions people can use to ensure that their technology works for them, not against them. ‘Tech No Chances’ highlights dangers associated with wearing headphones, or using your mobile phone when it’s late or what information you submit online and how you can avoid putting yourself in the line of fire.

Here at Tring Martial Arts we offer the best compliment to this years National Personal Safety Day – krav maga. To find out how to join a class or to receive a prospectus, visit or call us on 0845 0948805.

See what you’ll learn at Tring Krav Maga

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Tring Krav Maga is an independant self defence that club teaches 100% reality based self defence training and fitness. The classes are led by Christopher Allen, 3rd degree black belt who has personally trained with Moni Aizik of Commando Krav Maga and Amnon Maor of Maor Krav Maga Israel.

Our Krav Maga Concepts™ syllabus incorporates a variety of technqiues, tactics and strategies from various Krav Maga systems to give students a rounded understanding of self defence possibilities from long, medium and close quarter scenarios.

So you can make an informed choice, check out the first part of our Level 1 – Beginners Syllabus and then book your free trial today!!!




1. Stance & Movements

Demonstrate the self defence stance. Demonstrate being able to move forwards, backwards and sideways correctly.  Demonstrate verbal communication and “talking out”.  Demonstrate clearly identifying threats and surveying the area.


2. Strikes

a)      Palm heel strike.

b)       Straight left punch to chin / Straight right punch to chin.

c)      Horizontal / Upward Elbow Strike

d)      Sideways and Backwards Elbow Strikes

e)      Knee Strike


3. Punch Defences – Outside

a)      Outside Defence against Straight Punch


4. Punch Defences – Inside

a)      Inside Defence against Straight Punch


5. Choke Defences – Front

a)      Prevention

b)      Release #1

c)      Release #2

d)      Release #3


6. Choke Defences – Side

a) Prevention

b) Release #1

c) Release #2

d) Release #3


7. Choke Defences – Rear

a) Prevention

b) Release #1

c) Release #2

d) Release #3


8. Fitness

a)      10 x Core Exercises


9. Pressure Test

Survive 3 minutes pressure test against 1 opponent 90% Co-operation



(R) = RETAKE  (LP) = PASS    (O) = MERIT     (A) = DISTINCTION





I know you must be aching to know the actual detail of this syllabus but the only responsible way we can give the information is via our instruction, so take the first step and call us today on 0845 094 8805 or see our website

Tring Krav Maga is part of Tring Martial Arts Black Belt Academy

The only technique you need to defend yourself in any situation…

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

…..doesn’t exist.

Sadly there is no one size fits all method, technique or combination of techniques that you can learn to defend yourself.  No, regretfully you have to learn strategies and tactics, then learn the techniques that apply to each situation.  You’ll never know everything though! So don’t fool yourself, learn as much as you can, because you never know when you might need to apply your learning.

Practice, practice, practice in all scenarios against one person, two, three or even four people at once.  In the dark, in the light, outside, inside, confined spaces, car and home scenarios, pub and discos.  Even then you might still fall foul of an attacker but at least you are prepared.

Reality Based Self Defence classes at represents one of the best solutions for learning no nonsense self defence.  Make a fresh start for 2012 and enrol in our professional academy.

“This is Jason Bourne”! – Now you can fight like him

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Now you too can fight like Jason Bourne when you attend Krav Maga Concepts training at Tring Krav Maga

We all love a good kung fu movie – but as much as Jet Li’s backflips and sword fights look awesome, chances are your living-room impersonations won’t do much good in real life. Enter Krav Maga, the kick-ass fighting style used by everyone from the FBI to Matt Damon in the Bourne films and Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher.

Write off your assailant

Developed in conjunction with the Israeli defence forces in the aftermath of WWII, Krav Maga (Hebrew for ‘contact combat’) isn’t like other martial arts. “In fact, Krav Maga isn’t a martial art, or not at least in the traditional sense, we train our students to use simple straight forward techniques which require little skill or finesse, sometimes I’ve heard it described as “dirty fighting” and this is probably a good description – after all, there is no honour in a street confrontation, the criminal who attacks you couldn’t care less about you before and definately not afterwards.  It is a modern system designed for problems that are faced in the modern world.” comments Chris Allen Chief Instructor at Tring Krav Maga.  “We use the body’s natural weapons: palm, fist, legs, knees, elbows, head – as well as other more extreme measures that may be necessary, such as biting,” Chris explains. “Krav also promotes using the environment and common objects for self defence where appropriate – such as bags, chairs, keys, and pens.” Forget the nunchucks, for a Krav Maga expert, the pen really is mightier than the sword.

Chris continues, “recently we had an improvised weapons seminar at class, we used objects such as cowboy hats, hard hats from building sites, chairs, keys and I even tried using my Yoda Lego Keyring but I think that was going a little too far”!  So, there is room for humour too!

Pressure, pressure, pressure!

They like a laugh at Tring Krav Maga, but don’t expect them to go easy on you though; after all, the bad guys never do. “Krav Maga uses pressure tests in order to prepare trainees for a violent situation,” Chris says. “We practice in all manners of situations; from standing, to sitting, in the dark, or with loud music, outside in the rain, the car park and narrow alley ways – every pressure test is designed to stimulate the student, and getting them into a “real” scenario.

Stave off a knife threat

If you are unfortunate enough to face an armed assailant, the first option is always to avoid risk, comply with any demands and try to de-escalate the situation. “Don’t look at the knife or into the attacker’s eyes. Watching the chest area will increase your peripheral vision,” says Chris. If the situation becomes violent, it’s important to act quickly.  If you’re wearing a hat or carrying a bag or magazine use this as a “fence” to keep the blade away from you (just like Bourne eh?), always consider your escape route, but if you have to engage target the face or groin with 100% force and then run like hell!

Stop a bag snatcher

If a thief is trying to snatch your bag, whether it contains top secret documents or your lunch, don’t pull away. Krav Maga shows the effectiveness of surprise. “Don’t resist – go with the direction of the pull,” recommends Chris. “Using their momentum, burst into the attacker with a swift knee to the groin and pull the bag away.”

Long live gaming

For the chance to dish out some Krav Maga justice without the potentially tricky legal issues post-brawl, try Splinter Cell: Conviction (£39.99, As if you needed any other excuse to break out the Xbox, researchers at East Carolina University found that two hours of casual gaming a week will cut your blood pressure by 16%, lowering your risk of a stroke. What’s more, scientists at McGill University found that playing video games can reduce your stress-inducing cortisol levels by 17%. They obviously weren’t playing on Veteran difficulty!

Tring Krav Maga is part of Tring Martial Arts.  See our website – for more information on our classes in reality based self defence or call 0845 094 8805.