Personal Safety at Work

Your personal safety in the workplace could be breached in a number of ways, from threats and verbal abuse to intimidation, bribery and physical assault.  You could also be subject to racial or sexual harassment.   It could be your colleagues, customers or suppliers who threaten your safety in your place of work.

Did you know…?

There are approx. 655,000 incidents of workplace violence in England and Wales per year

Your employer has a legal duty to protect you from violence and abuse while you are at work and should have a company policy for dealing with it.

·          If you work alone or away from your company’s office, make sure someone knows where you are going and when you expect to come back.

·          Carry a mobile phone, personal alarm or pager.

·          If you find yourself in a situation that could turn violent:

·          Try to stay calm.

·          Be aware of your body language and the other person’s.

·          Try to keep a safe distance and avoid physical contact if possible.

·          If you cannot calm the situation down, call for help or look for opportunities to move away.

We recommend seeking out the advice and support of a qualified personal safety expert. These can be security consultants, body guards, door men and martial arts instructors.  Tring Martial Arts are experts in personal safety and our martial art and self defence programmes can offer reality based self defence strategies and tactics that really work.  “Unfortunately”, we have many testimonials from our students who have used the skills we have taught them to defend themselves.  Such as:

·          Matthew who defended himself against two muggers and walked away with only minor bruising. 

·          Matt who defended himself in a bar room brawl

·          Bruno who defended himself against a drug crazed attacker wielding a baseball bat

·          And many more…

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