Defence against Pickpockets

Pickpocketing is one of the oldest crimes in the world and remains common today. More often than not, pickpockets get away, and those who are caught face minimal jail time. So the appeal of pickpocketing is strong for crooks.

There are many tricks pickpockets use to get access to your purse or wallet. At the beach or library they are on the look out for backpacks and belongings lying around. Sometimes they have accomplices who distract you, while the pickpocket gets away with your wallet.

Here are some ways you can thwart the pickpocket’s efforts:

Don’t assume that a well-dressed person, or a woman with a baby, or a tourist with a hat and camera cannot be a pickpocket. Pickpockets blend in with the crowd and do not look like criminals.

Don’t carry your wallet in the back pocket. If possible, keep your wallet in a money belt under your clothes or in your front pocket.

Carry your purse under your arm.

Work on looking self-confident. Pickpockets tend to prey on vulnerable targets.

Remember if the items are really valuable, should they even leave your house??

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