Workplace Bullies

Posted by Christopher Allen

It is no surprise that people who are bullied at work feel inclined to quit, but it turns out that the people around them (the ones who aren’t the targets) want to quit more, according to a study in the journal Human Relations.  In fact, the researchers suggest that work colleagues may be so incensed that they are moved to quit as a way to retaliate. Wouldn’t it be better to approach your line manager, union representative or even the boss to report work-place bullying?

Whether you are in work or at school, the bully preys on the weak and vulnerable.  Bullies do not bully the confident or those who fight back.  Learning coping strategies and gaining self confidence can be best accomplished by learning martial arts.  This is because martial art training doesn’t rely on being part of a team or living up to others expectations, its about self improvement and through it, self confidence.  Contact us today on 01442 768057 or see our website for more information on how we can help you to overcome work-place bullies!

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