Knife Crime- What would you do?

Say no to knife crime!In 2007 a survey was carried out in the UK by Say no 2 Knifes (an organisation dedicated to protect children and teenagers from knife crime), 5300 pupils were asked about knife crime, and the results were shocking:

-28% of students said they had carried a knife in school in the last year.

– 9% of students said they carried a flick knife, which is illegal.

– 15% of students said they feel unsafe in their own school.

– Approximately every 24 minutes, knife crime happens in the UK.

 Say no 2 Knifes works closely with the police force in order to provide these shocking figures. With knife crime showing no sign of decreasing, what can be done to prevent this problem? It is evident that knife crime is a major issue in schools. This puts many students at risk every day.  Therefore, it must be treated with severity, and cannot be overlooked. If you witness knife crime in or out of school:

1. Call the police.

2. Do not attempt to get involved; one victim is better than two.

3. Make sure it is reported as soon as possible.

If harsher punishments are put in place for those found carrying an illegal knife or blade, this problem could slowly decrease. This cannot be done by one person alone. Say yes to helping, say no to knife crime.

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