10 Critical Self Defence Tips for Women!

If only women didn’t already have enough to worry about they are under fear of being attacked. Women are harrassed in their own homes, in public, and just about anywhere they can think about. The saddest thing is that women are easy targets for most muggers because they know that in most cases women do not know how to defend themselves. Therefore now more than ever self security for women is vital.

The numbers are shocking when it comes to women being harrassed. For more than 5 years I have been carrying out self defence courses and seminars. Over that time I helped many people to defence and take care of themselves. Individual safety always begins with awareness.

Look through the list of ten tips that can increase your safety fast:

1 – We should all have the ability to express ourselves as an individual, but consider clothing and behaviour whilst out and about, especially late at night.  Be confident but not overt, some sexual predators are attracted to individuals who behave in a flamboyant way which can lead to attacks.

2 – Believe your feelings. Women have a good intuition. When they see that situation can be risky then it probably is. So, listen to your intuition.

3 – Rape and other muggers` attacks are increasing. During a confrontation use your fingernails to scrap your attacker’s face. In such a way you will get DNA under your nails for identification.   Target the eyes or other soft tissue areas as this can lead to semi permanent markings which could help the police identify them.

4. Always be aware of how alcohol or drugs will effect your perception of danger and your reaction times to defend yourself.

5 – Avoid hitch-hiking and do not pick up hitch-hikers.

6 – Be wary of strangers, especially at night.  If you feel any threats to yourself, change direction.  If you think you are being followed head towards a crowd or enter a shop or bar, speak with the door staff and advise them, they should help you.  Failing that, flag down a police car or go to the police station, do not worry that you might be wasting their time, its their job and they would rather prevent crime than react to it.

7 – Avoid large cumbersome handbags. My partner will be shaking her head right now as she has a large hand bag, but with very few items in it.  Bags such as these are easy targets, remember not to carry all of your valuables with you in one bag.

8 – I’m sure we are all guilty of walking whilst talking on the phone, but to avoid being mugged why not leave that uber important phone call until you are in a safe place to take it.  Driving whilst talking on a mobile phone is illegal for many good reasons, the primary one is that the driver is distracted.  When you are walking back from a meeting or off to see friends, are you always aware of who or what is around you?  Surely that call can be made somewhere safe or best of all, do it later when you are back at the office, home or similar place such as a shop or restaurant.

9 – Sexual harrasement is commonly prefaced by some obvious signs, which are usually preceded by some verbal approach before the attack. The succession of actions commonly follows: the sight – the talk – the fight.
These are useful tips to prevent assailant`s attacks. Do not become the next victim!

10 – Learn Self Defence – not learn how to fight, Box or kick like Jackie Chan.  Learn reality based self defence techniques and practice them often.  Surely prevention is better?  I’m always amazed by how many people in general prioritise activities such as shopping, meeting friends or to the extreme of “straightening my hair”, as an excuse as to why they won’t come and take Self Defence classes.  In my opinion you owe it to yourself and your family to be able to defend yourself.  Don’t rely on the Police, they do their best to police our community and will get to you as quick as they can, but often they will arrive after the incident.  I suppose as a martial arts instructor I could be accused of having a vested interest and you are right, I do!  I want people to enjoy their lives and be safe at the same time, that’s why I run my martial arts academy, not for the money, but to make a real difference in our community.

We have a Womens Self Defence workshop taking place on Friday 16th March 10am – 1pm at our Academy in Tring.  It’s being run by the Women in Business Network.  If you would like to come along, call 0845 094 8805 asap.  www.TringMartialArts.com

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