See what you’ll learn at Tring Krav Maga

Tring Krav Maga is an independant self defence that club teaches 100% reality based self defence training and fitness. The classes are led by Christopher Allen, 3rd degree black belt who has personally trained with Moni Aizik of Commando Krav Maga and Amnon Maor of Maor Krav Maga Israel.

Our Krav Maga Concepts™ syllabus incorporates a variety of technqiues, tactics and strategies from various Krav Maga systems to give students a rounded understanding of self defence possibilities from long, medium and close quarter scenarios.

So you can make an informed choice, check out the first part of our Level 1 – Beginners Syllabus and then book your free trial today!!!




1. Stance & Movements

Demonstrate the self defence stance. Demonstrate being able to move forwards, backwards and sideways correctly.  Demonstrate verbal communication and “talking out”.  Demonstrate clearly identifying threats and surveying the area.


2. Strikes

a)      Palm heel strike.

b)       Straight left punch to chin / Straight right punch to chin.

c)      Horizontal / Upward Elbow Strike

d)      Sideways and Backwards Elbow Strikes

e)      Knee Strike


3. Punch Defences – Outside

a)      Outside Defence against Straight Punch


4. Punch Defences – Inside

a)      Inside Defence against Straight Punch


5. Choke Defences – Front

a)      Prevention

b)      Release #1

c)      Release #2

d)      Release #3


6. Choke Defences – Side

a) Prevention

b) Release #1

c) Release #2

d) Release #3


7. Choke Defences – Rear

a) Prevention

b) Release #1

c) Release #2

d) Release #3


8. Fitness

a)      10 x Core Exercises


9. Pressure Test

Survive 3 minutes pressure test against 1 opponent 90% Co-operation



(R) = RETAKE  (LP) = PASS    (O) = MERIT     (A) = DISTINCTION





I know you must be aching to know the actual detail of this syllabus but the only responsible way we can give the information is via our instruction, so take the first step and call us today on 0845 094 8805 or see our website

Tring Krav Maga is part of Tring Martial Arts Black Belt Academy

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