Crime Prevention Tips for Students

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Student houses and halls of residence can be particular targets for crime, as thieves know that there are likely to be a number of valuable items inside.

Lock your door in halls, even if you are only going down the corridor

Make sure that main entrance doors shut behind you and don’t let other people in with you

Make sure security measures are in place if you are renting in a shared house

Get home contents insurance. You may be able to extend your parents’ home insurance policy for no extra cost. Alternatively, many insurance companies have competitive deals for students. Remember that you are likely to have many more electronic goods (computers, stereos, TVs etc) than most households

During Christmas and summer holidays, when it is likely your house will be empty for a long time, implement additional security measures, e.g. putting a timer on lights. Also see if someone will be around to check on things. Student areas/villages are particular targets for holiday-time burglary.

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