The 7 Rules of Street Defence – Rules #6 and 7

Posted by Christopher Allen, Tring Krav Maga

Hit Them First

By changing your mindset and hitting them first (often called pre-emptive striking) you can potentially lower the threat level to you in an instant.  Even in law, you are allowed to hit first if you honestly believe that your life is in danger.  Obviously, the strike you make must be appropriate to the level of threat, which is a difficult one to assess in the heat of the moment, but as an example, if someone is squaring up to you with their fists up and you hit them with a baseball bat, the court might think you were a little over the top.

One of the best forms of pre-emptive striking is the power slap.  I’m not talking about the type of slap you get when you suggest something peculiar to a woman in the street (not that I do that you understand) but the type of slap that could literally knock someone out!  The power slap gets its power from the rotation of the hip prior to the strike, it’s a technique that needs to be practiced but can be very efficient.

At Tring Krav Maga we regularly practice power slaps and other highly effective forms of striking so that it becomes second nature to out students.

The Seventh Rule of Street Defence – There are no rules on the street!

Posted by Christopher Allen, Tring Krav Maga

There are no rules on the street. Your attacker won’t hesitate to hurt you, so you must adopt the same mentality.  You must:-

  • Act fast

  • Hit them first

  • Keep it Simple

  • Use maximum damage

  • Aim to finish the confrontation as quickly as you can

  • Don’t hang around afterwards

At Tring Krav Maga you can learn 100% Reality Based Self Defence taught with a no-nonsense approach.  Fitness or prior martial art experience is NOT required.  Contact our professional martial arts instructors now on 0845 094 8805 or see our website –


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