The 7 Rules of Street Defence – Rule #4 & 5

The Fourth Rule of Street Defence: Keep It Simple!

Posted by Christopher Allen, Tring Krav Maga ©UK Martial Arts Ltd

Under extreme stress, any technique that involves more than two gross-motor skills will likely fail. If said technique is composed of more than five or six individual moves, it’s even worse. When panic and adrenaline take over, confusion is the first thing to set in.

At Tring Krav Maga we encourage simplicity.  Simplicity is key to the success and widespread appeal of Krav Maga. Most of the techniques we teach are universal. They work when performed with your left or right hand and to the front and back.

It’s a universal solution to a variety of problems, which is important because under stress, most people are limited to performing simple, quickly accessed tasks.

The Fifth Rule of Street Defence: Don’t Rely on the Groin!

Posted by Christopher Allen, Tring Krav Maga ©UK Martial Arts Ltd

I was chatting with a woman in a coffee shop in town the other day about self-defence.  She was intrigued by my Tring Krav Maga uniform and started asking me about the classes.  During our discussion she mentioned a classic self-defence misconception that most people utter when they talk about what they would do in a self-defence scenario against a man, “I would just kick him in the nuts”.

To the lay-person this would seem like a simple truth, a swift kick in the groin and that’s the end of it.  To a self-defence instructor a swift kick in the nuts is not a first choice technique and let me explain why.  As a man, I am almost genetically engineered to flinch anytime anything unwanted comes too close to my groin, probably from when I was a child and got kicked there several times, but I can more or less guarantee that if you move your foot fast towards the groin of the attacker they will either shift their backside back and move their groin out of the way or they will block the strike, and you would have lost your opportunity of surprise.

At Tring Krav Maga, we encourage Groin Striking in a number of our techniques but they are normally a secondary technique that follows a block or other offensive strike.

Also, consider that someone who is drunk, on drugs, or who is in a frenzy state may not even feel the pain.  I am reliably informed that striking a female in the same area can be just as painful.

The ultimate nightmare would to be attacked by a cricketer who has just come of the field – where would you strike?

At Tring Krav Maga you can learn 100% Reality Based Self Defence taught with a no-nonsense approach.  Fitness or prior martial art experience is NOT required.  Contact our professional martial arts instructors now on 0845 094 8805 or see our website –

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