“This is Jason Bourne”! – Now you can fight like him

Now you too can fight like Jason Bourne when you attend Krav Maga Concepts training at Tring Krav Maga

We all love a good kung fu movie – but as much as Jet Li’s backflips and sword fights look awesome, chances are your living-room impersonations won’t do much good in real life. Enter Krav Maga, the kick-ass fighting style used by everyone from the FBI to Matt Damon in the Bourne films and Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher.

Write off your assailant

Developed in conjunction with the Israeli defence forces in the aftermath of WWII, Krav Maga (Hebrew for ‘contact combat’) isn’t like other martial arts. “In fact, Krav Maga isn’t a martial art, or not at least in the traditional sense, we train our students to use simple straight forward techniques which require little skill or finesse, sometimes I’ve heard it described as “dirty fighting” and this is probably a good description – after all, there is no honour in a street confrontation, the criminal who attacks you couldn’t care less about you before and definately not afterwards.  It is a modern system designed for problems that are faced in the modern world.” comments Chris Allen Chief Instructor at Tring Krav Maga.  “We use the body’s natural weapons: palm, fist, legs, knees, elbows, head – as well as other more extreme measures that may be necessary, such as biting,” Chris explains. “Krav also promotes using the environment and common objects for self defence where appropriate – such as bags, chairs, keys, and pens.” Forget the nunchucks, for a Krav Maga expert, the pen really is mightier than the sword.

Chris continues, “recently we had an improvised weapons seminar at class, we used objects such as cowboy hats, hard hats from building sites, chairs, keys and I even tried using my Yoda Lego Keyring but I think that was going a little too far”!  So, there is room for humour too!

Pressure, pressure, pressure!

They like a laugh at Tring Krav Maga, but don’t expect them to go easy on you though; after all, the bad guys never do. “Krav Maga uses pressure tests in order to prepare trainees for a violent situation,” Chris says. “We practice in all manners of situations; from standing, to sitting, in the dark, or with loud music, outside in the rain, the car park and narrow alley ways – every pressure test is designed to stimulate the student, and getting them into a “real” scenario.

Stave off a knife threat

If you are unfortunate enough to face an armed assailant, the first option is always to avoid risk, comply with any demands and try to de-escalate the situation. “Don’t look at the knife or into the attacker’s eyes. Watching the chest area will increase your peripheral vision,” says Chris. If the situation becomes violent, it’s important to act quickly.  If you’re wearing a hat or carrying a bag or magazine use this as a “fence” to keep the blade away from you (just like Bourne eh?), always consider your escape route, but if you have to engage target the face or groin with 100% force and then run like hell!

Stop a bag snatcher

If a thief is trying to snatch your bag, whether it contains top secret documents or your lunch, don’t pull away. Krav Maga shows the effectiveness of surprise. “Don’t resist – go with the direction of the pull,” recommends Chris. “Using their momentum, burst into the attacker with a swift knee to the groin and pull the bag away.”

Long live gaming

For the chance to dish out some Krav Maga justice without the potentially tricky legal issues post-brawl, try Splinter Cell: Conviction (£39.99, hmv.com). As if you needed any other excuse to break out the Xbox, researchers at East Carolina University found that two hours of casual gaming a week will cut your blood pressure by 16%, lowering your risk of a stroke. What’s more, scientists at McGill University found that playing video games can reduce your stress-inducing cortisol levels by 17%. They obviously weren’t playing on Veteran difficulty!

Tring Krav Maga is part of Tring Martial Arts.  See our website – www.tringkravmaga.co.uk for more information on our classes in reality based self defence or call 0845 094 8805.

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